Lirik Lagu Ambulance Pannic Voice - completely vanished

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Ambulance Pannic Voice - completely vanished 

i wanna walk to the light
hope that i can find a life
full of happiness, prosperity and love
i walk then i run
hope to reach it soon
pass through everything flashed around me
my mind race my heartbeat impatiently
still, the light a distance ahead
no matter how far i walk
no matter how fast i run
the light keeps the distance from me
exhausted... i stop a while
the devil starts annoying me
fly through my mind
drain my brain with pain i've never felt before
the light seems too far now
i can move no more
my mind drifts and frozen...
in the darkness
without love
how can i reach the light
how can i get happiness
how can i feel love
how can i meet my dreams
the light glows more brighter
and faded...

completely vanished