Chord Gitar Analogkid - Steffie

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Analogkid - Berdiri Sendiri

intro : D E G f# , D E G A

 D           E                 G              A
do you know what i'am talking about
  D           E             G          A
it's about little girl 16 years old
 D           E             G                A
when she wearing her favorite pink dress
D           E             G          A
she's look cute and pretty
 G                            D          
wherever you are no matter how far you are
 b                                     A
this song always deppend on you woho o o
 G                        D                                A
when on your side my heart beating so fast

Reff :
 D                A                             G         A
hey Steffie please be my last i love the way you are
  D                A                             G        A
Steffie you are everything to me in my live
 G                             A
My life is in complete if you not here by my side
 G                                    A

this is song for you please sing along with me hey steffie