Lirik Lagu Billfold - No One Save Us But Ourselvers

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Billfold - No One Save Us But Ourselvers

Money, looks and possesion
winning and losing how we live or die
thats not what are suppose to live for
living in this mean wolrd mean choosing what we think
live is too short not to take chances
and perfectly expressed in the walk it self
no one can and no one may

prepared this journey full mistery, no one save us but ourselves

fighting in the battle we called life, life is journey of self discovery
changing one's mind, heart, self or way of live
its a series of sleep climbs or flat plateaus
no reason to look back, you're so much to look foward too
in life you just have to let go

keep aan open mind and open heart and allow the freedom

to live life on our own terms
its a life's journey of finding ourselves
finding our power and living yourself
this is your life, pick yourself up
lets set your dream dont let anyone break down

and lets see how it goes!