Lirik Lagu Billfold - time

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Billfold - time

did you realize that we're losing of everything
we couldn't get it all, bad...bad...bad..bad...
we always underestimate, never appreciate
that's valuable things, and you dont waste your

time...use every minute well, can get down and try
the things you have to do, dont waste your...
time...the things that you should change
bad things can get better
soon you'll be okay, dont waste your time

do you want to made a change? your time is limited
thats needed to be done, make ... make...make...make...
life is short and time goes by, the clock ticks life away
do not rush anything , take ... take...take...

if you change the situation , i promise you
your life will change in ways you ever thought

you waste your time , you waste your life or
you'll be playing catch up wole your life
thank god what you have in yours,
it's time to get what you deserve
Gotta find  your own face of, living the life so you dont cut your time
short trying survive out there

everyone has their time to shine, on time . dont waste your time