Lirik Lagu Night To Remember - sun flower

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Night To Remember - sun flower

Let me know the way
baby please show me how
I can smell the air
with the sound of green grass..
can't you see the march of ant are step

Like your sweet smile
giving me the best thing for awhile..
so Thank thank you!!
With no Fire works,sunny days are makes u feel so good..
So Run!!Keep Running till we find the lines!!

Take your step
on the ground until we find
things that amazed us
every time..
Raise your hand to
the blue sky over there..
Clap it
baby don't let it all

the rain still
And green goes white for
oww baby show me your
smile this heart will brakes when
your gone!!

This time to showw!!

This time to show!!